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Well, somebody actually asked me something so I’ll guess I’ll just use a sticked post to answer anything that comes from now on. Anything in english, brazilian portuguese and maybe even in 日本語 I guess.

16/04/16 – @LX: Hi and sorry for the late reply. Happy to see you liked the blog o/

As for recommendations I’d say maybe Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora? It doesn’t have complicated stuff in japanese and it does have plenty of development for the main couple. If you don’t like the first volume at all (Dengeki version) then you could just go for other one. There are two other editions that end at the peak of the series (volume 5 of the original/Dengeki version) so it could be worth a try. Rika is pretty cute too.

Bara no Maria is from the same author of Grimgar so it probably fits your first question but it’s kinda long (27 volumes). I’m planning to read it someday so more opinions on it would be welcome too.

Kino no Tabi doesn’t focus that much on character development but it’s about travelling through different places, meetings new people and all that. It can be pretty harsh sometimes though. Pretty easy to read too even for LNs imo. Short chapters help a lot too I guess.

For a last one there is D-Crackers. Lots of development for the 6 main characters. Pretty cool battle scenes too *wink wink*

14/04/16 – @Ichijiku: Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I normally pre-order at Sofmap but this time I’m pretty sure I’m going for Trader just to see how the store works and because a tapestry is something that I may use… Even if it’s NSFW. Also Anko love.

08/04/16 – @Ichijiku: Sorry for the late reply. Played it in the same day it got out. It was pretty much what I expected so I’m more hyped than ever. Now waiting for the battle trial. My only “problem” is that I’m still wondering where I should pre-order it (probably Trader) lol

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Status or something like that

25/06/2016: For those interested Mondaiji 11 translated here.

13/04/2016: Too lazy for anything blog-related but I still wanna try to see if I can convince some people to read/watch Re:Zero (even with its flaws) because of that one scene so there it is: Just do it for Rem (CV: Minase Inori).

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Fantasy Time

3x3Another post nobody will read. Loli BBAs are fine too.
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Last Embryo 3

LE3coverLast Embryo 3 Bousou, Seirei Ressha! (ラストエンブリオ (3) 暴走、精霊列車!)

Author: Tatsunoko Tarou

Illustration: Momoko

Label: Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko

Release Date: 01/06/2016

Volumes: 03~

Abbreviation: LE
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I should finish what I started before starting to read other stuff

A post where I wrote a bit about some of the stuff I finished reading this year (until the end of march). Being somehow managing to read at the pace of 1 novel per day since this year started so there was a lot to write this time. Planning to continue with posts like this from time to time.

Main recommendations:

Everytime I finish something from Enami I get more and more convinced that he is an outlier even inside a label like Gagaga. I really mean it. The “school trilogy” (Strange Voice/ストレンジボイス, Punishment/パニッシュメント, Pale Rider/ペイルライダー) is pretty damn good even though each one has its own strong and weak points. As a whole Punishment is the best one. My favorite one is still Strange Voice just because Mizuha is a nice protagonist. Pale Rider is the most cool one. I’d say to read in release order but I guess whatever works. They aren’t related to each other after all. Strongly recommended. Same for the Chosou Series/Funeral trilogy (鳥葬シリーズ/葬式三部作). Pretty hard to comment about this because every volume deals with different themes and none of them are exactly easy to write. Not for me at least. Going for Vorpal Bunny/ボーパルバニー next.

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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 8

Grimgar8Hai to Gensou no Grimgar level.8 Soshite Bokura wa Asu wo Matsu (灰と幻想のグリムガル level.8 そして僕らは明日を待つ)

Author: Jyumonji Ao

Illustration: Shirai Eiri

Label: Overlap Bunko

Release Date: 25/03/2016

Volumes: 08~

Abbreviation: Grimgar
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New LNs/Series 2015 Part 4

Last part. Better late than never.

leangrad2Leangrad no Manabiya Yori 2: Young girls growing up + some kind of conspiration and your usual dose of ORETUEEEEEEEEEEE. Liking a lot more than I expected initially. No actual romance or signs of a harem until now so I guess I can expect a “proper” story about a male teacher and his 5 female students, right? Pretty fun to see the discussions about the creation of a student council or clubs. Never forgetting the girls being girls of their age and not some kind of genius or something similar. Much better this way.

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Gamers! 3 Hoshinomiya Chiaki to Hatsukoi New Game

gamers3Gamers! 3 Hoshinomiya Chiaki to Hatsukoi New Game (ゲーマーズ! 3 星ノ守千秋と初恋ニューゲーム)

Author: Aoi Sekina

Illustration: Saboten

Label: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko

Release Date: 20/11/2015

Volumes: 04~

Abbreviation: Gamers!

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Chronica Chronicle

Post commenting about the most famous LN labels, recent tendencies and some stema random stuff/complaints. Kind of a serious post. Ok, maybe not that much. It’s a huge mess though. I should have divided the content in different posts but I’m just too lazy. Most of the content lacks proper references so don’t take things too seriously. If you wanna make a tsukkomi feel free to do so. There should be various bokes in this post. Wanted to do something like this once (and finally post some stuff I have for years already).

I hope this post is somewhat readable. Give a look at the covered topics and read what you want, post is fairly big. There are a lot of abbreviations but I put links for most, if not for all of them. Actually I should have thought better about doing so because the number of links in this post is damn huge.

In the first part of the post I’ll be using the names from the TRPG the characters from Ireba are playing just because it should be more fun that way in a first moment (name of the post came from there too). Some real and funny/ironic comments regarding LN labels and things like that. Stuff in italic is from Ireba, the rest is my personal opinion.

  • 01. Great Continent of Chronica (LN labels)
  • 02. Illustrations
  • 03. Digital X Physical copies
  • 04. erg writers
  • 05. Life span of authors/LNs
  • 06. Fast writers
  • 07. Reprints
  • 08. LN titles
  • 09. Number of LN releases
  • 10. Conclusion…?

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